Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
My husband and I have known Maricon Hilario for two (2) years now. It was March 3, 2019 to be exact when we first met her. Hubby and I were online shopping for a Real Estate Broker for we were trying to find our first home. As we searched the net, we found her name, Maricon Hilario on the list. Just looking at her picture gave us a glimpse of how a nice person she would be if we will get her as our Real Estate Agent. To continue, we read the reviews about her and yes, looks like we found our Real Estate Broker!
Upon meeting her, we felt the connection right away for like me and my husband, she is also from the Philippines although she grew up in the US. And it is a good thing that she can speak a little Tagalog, native language of the Philippines. The reason we were able to understand and communicate easily. She was so nice and fun to be with. We talked a lot of things most specially for our home journey to be. She showed us a house right away that might interest us. Right after that, she told us that she will connect us to a lender and will keep in touch as the process goes through. But things did not go as planned or the way we liked it. Sad to say, hubby and I were not able to push thru with our home journey that time. But Maricon was always the one who keeps on telling and keeps our hopes up. I remember her telling us, “Don’t give up guys”. You can make it someday.
After that, I thought that the communication we have with her was all over. But hubby and I were so happy and amazed how nice she really is! For even if our business with her did not pushed through, but she keeps on texting and calling us every once in while just to ask us how we were doing. It was so heartwarming, and we really appreciate her for doing that.
It was December of 2020 when we get back to her for business. Hubby and I decided to try our luck one more time to continue with our home journey. And this time, we never go wrong all because of Maricon’s big help!!!! We welcomed 2021 with good news, that with the help of the Lender she connected with us, we got a pre-approval amount on a house that we can afford. What a great way to start the year!!!
And I was writing this down, hubby and I are still on our home journey and on our way to living and moving soon to our very first DREAM HOME all because of Maricon. It is a roller coaster ride but Maricon is always with us, guiding us and educate us every step of the way. With Maricon as your Real Estate Broker, you are in the right hands.
So, if you are thinking of buying your own home just like us and do not know where to start, look for the name Maricon Hilario on the net and you will never go wrong. =)