maricon hilario foundation

This foundation was created to raise funds for schools in the Philippines. With the help of my clients, I am committed to contributing part of my commissions to support the foundation while providing the best real estate services possible.

Giving Financial Aid

to Students and Schools in the Philippines


I always knew that I was going to get a college degree. The only dilemma was figuring out how I was going to finance my education. My dad was the sole provider for our family and since I was considered in financial need, I qualified for many scholarships and grants. I took advantage of this and made sure that my GPA was maintained throughout. Without taking advantage of this opportunity, my college expenses wouldn’t have been fully funded.
I wish to pay it forward by allocating part of my commission from home sales in Washington through my business, Maricon Hilario Homes, towards funding scholarships. It is also the Foundation’s goal to continuously seek and apply for grants to be able to reach out more students in need.

Guided by the belief in empowering and improving opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow.



Hannah Alang

1st year college student. Attending Mariano Marcos State University. Majoring in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Vod Ka Omnes

1st year college student. Attending Mariano Marcos State University. Majoring in Pharmacy

Emily Timada

Attending Batangas State University Lipa – Campus. Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Faith Edradan

Currently a college student at Surigao State College of Technology, Surigao Del Norte. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino

Jemark Edradan

1st year college student at Northeastern Mindanao Colleges. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Jolina de Guzman

Attends Pangasinan State University. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino as a second year student

Mark James Agustin

He plans to use his Art & Programming skills to visualize solutions on a problem for programmers. He’s currently a college student

Richshelle Subia

She takes a stand on embracing the different cultures, beliefs & languages to promote diversity

Yulz Andrei Aguiran

His mom works for a living by being a nanny for many families as a way to support their family.

Erika Saguid

Erika is a 3rd year college student majoring in Accountancy.

Melinda Balaan

Melinda is currently a college student. Majors in Special Needs Education.

Christian Balaan

Christian became an orphan in grade school. He’s currently in college pursuing a degree in Education.

Kevin Brian Tolentino

“Well I have many dreams in mind but on the top of it I want to be an Engineer because I believe that I am creative and have skills in building or creating things.”

Vin Jireh Agcaoili

Vin Jireh’s teacher, Grace Rosario, says that “he is one of the most industrious and responsible learners in my class. In accomplishing their learning tasks and behavior wise, he is patient and teachable and very much willing to improve as he chases his goals in life.”

Kayleigh Faith Clemente

She came highly recommended due to her “willingness to learn and perseverance in reaching her goals in life.”

Zedrick Tee Jay O.

“I want to be a seaman so that I can have a good future and be able to give my family. a comfortable life.”

Maranella Q.

“When I become a nurse, I know I will see people that are not always in their best condition, but being able to take care and help them recover their health is reward in itself.”

Godgiven H.

“I always dreamed to be a soldier. To be a soldier is not easy but I’m ready to fight for our country.”

Kahyeene S.

“Giving up is not an option for me. I will become an Engineer.”